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Brush up on savings

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to drum up things to do indoors. Why not spend time figuring out how you can save money? It’s a great winter activity that (like the cold) takes the nip out of the bite in your wallet.

You need somewhere to start, so why not start by saving on your dental health? (Might as well! Extreme couponing is so yesterday’s news.)

Why Save on Dental Health?

Winter brings both the joy and the expense of the holidays. There is no end to the ways you can spend for the holidays: gifts, cookies, annual charitable giving and tickets to all the winter fun.

The problem: If you need dental work — routine or emergency — your fun money could be gone in a flash. The average cost for a crown these days is $750 to $2,000 per tooth, and the cost of a root canal is $750 to $1,000+ per tooth.

Don’t let the cost of your dental health stop you from splurging on those you love most. Sign up for a dental savings plan so you don’t have to choose between the necessity of dental care and gifts or special holiday celebrations.

Take a look at some of the benefits a dental savings plan from can offer.

Benefit 1: You can get immediate coverage.

Unlike a traditional dental insurance plan, a dental savings plan offers you immediate coverage. Choose from one of the 30+ plans from and purchase a dental savings plan online immediately. Most plans activate in just 1-3 business days (some same-day). Then just bring your membership card to the dentist to save on your dental care right away.

Benefit 2: You’ll find you can save some serious pocket money.

A dental savings plan means you can take anywhere from 10-60% off the cost of most common dental procedures. You won’t experience any limits on how much you can save, and you can search the database for plans based on savings or the dental procedures you need. Tap into more than 140,000 dental offices that accept dental savings plans.

Benefit 3: You won’t find any paperwork hassles.

A dental savings plan doesn’t require claims approval or follow up paperwork like traditional dental insurance may. And you don’t have to report any previous dental work or conditions. Just purchase the plan and show your card at the dentist. No paperwork required!


How to Save on Dental Health this Winter makes it easy for you to learn more and find a dental savings plan that works for you. Its streamlined site is simple to navigate so you can search and review plans quickly. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Search by dentist.

You can search by dentist to find plans your dentist, or a dentist near you, will accept. Or search with a focus by procedure for plans that offer savings on the specific dental treatments you need.

Step 2: Search by savings. also offers a search by savings. You can compare the savings you’ll get with select plans to find a plan that works for your entire family.

Step 3: Switch dental savings plans completely.

Unlike traditional insurance, you can switch your dental savings plan at any time. Your dental health needs may change or you may need a new dental savings plan that works with your family dentist. The AtYourService® Team will also match the price offered by online competitors.

Step 4: Boost your health profile.

Don’t skip the dentist! Make sure you get your teeth checked twice a year. Many diseases interconnect with tooth and gum health (for example, did you know that researchers have found a clear connection to oral health and Alzheimer’s?)

Pay attention to your overall health for a great way to boost your savings — for the short and long term.

Step 5: Start saving now.

Why wait? Dental savings plans offer complete flexibility. The team will help you find the best plan and the most savings possible. Buy a plan online today and start saving.

What to Do if You’re in a Financial Rut

What should you do if you don’t have as much money to go around this year to save on dental health? It’s easy to see how you could arrive at the conclusion to skip the dentist. But don’t!

Check out some quick tips and general ideas for savings options.

Tip 1: Examine new ways to make money.

What are you so good at that people wouldn’t hesitate to pay you for it? Figure out a side hustle, learn new ways you could make money or opt for a new job with a higher salary. Whatever your method may be, learn how to leverage your skills, whether you’re good at baking, selling skincare products, writing, dog walking, singing — whatever it is, use that talent to your advantage and use it to make money!

Seems crazy to use it to save money on dental health? No way! It’ll carry over into savings in other areas of your life, too.

Tip 2: Save your holiday money.

Will Grandma leave you flush with cash this holiday season? If she’s hinted that she’ll do the same thing she always does, plan on saving it this year instead of spending the money on a new purse, coat or trampoline for the kids. As much as it might sound sooooo boring to save money for health-related things, sometimes you need to do what you need to do and save money if you desperately need to pad your savings account with cash.

Tip 3: Eliminate any excess spending.

The end of the year is a great time to figure out how much money you’ve been wasting on “extras” like cable TV, gym membership fees, pricey clothes and more.

Get rid of things that you know you’re not benefiting from. Make a list of what you can do without, then don’t let it all overwhelm you and simply cancel the things you don’t use or make like Marie Kondo and get rid of things that aren’t useful or joyful.

Doing those things can give you extra money for winter savings.

Get a Jump Start on Winter Dental Savings

You don’t want to lose out when it comes to savings, particularly after the craziness of 2020. You can save money on furniture, clothing, toys, cable packages — there’s no reason you can’t save money on your oral health, too. (You won’t sacrifice quality, either, with

Do your due diligence and put yourself in the best position possible to pay for the things that really matter — your health, and making precious memories with family and friends.

About the Author: Melissa Brock is a 12-year veteran of college admission, founder of College Money Tips and Money editor at Benzinga. She loves helping families navigate their finances and the college search process. Check out her essential timeline and checklist for the college search!

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